Discover How to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

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Are you an avid Reddit user and have you noticed that some posts or comments have been deleted?

Are you wondering how to access these contents despite their deletion, so you don’t miss out on discussions and debates?

We offer you an overview of the available methods to view deleted Reddit posts and comments, taking into account recent developments in tools and platform policies.

The Reasons for the Deletion of Posts and Comments on Reddit

Before introducing you to the methods to view deleted content, it’s important to understand why some posts and comments are deleted on Reddit. The administrators and moderators of the platform are responsible for maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users. They may decide to remove comments or posts that violate Reddit’s rules on respect, legality, or relevance to the topic of discussion.

Third-Party Tools to View Deleted Comments and Posts

Several third-party sites and tools, such as Rar Eddit and Reveddit, allowed viewing of deleted comments and posts by retrieving information from Reddit’s archives. They offered a practical and quite reliable solution to access deleted content. However, since May 2023, popular tools like Unddit and Reveddit are no longer available. This makes accessing deleted content more difficult and uncertain, although some alternative sites may still offer this service.

Using the Wayback Machine to Access Deleted Content

The Wayback Machine is an online service that allows viewing screenshots of websites on different dates. To see deleted Reddit comments and posts, simply search for the URL of the concerned page on the Wayback Machine, and select a date before the content was deleted. However, this method has several limitations:

  • It depends on the existence of a screenshot from the period when the content was still online. If no screenshot was taken before the deletion, it will be impossible to retrieve the content.
  • It requires knowing the exact URL of the page containing the deleted comment or post, which can be difficult to find if the content has been deleted for a long time.
  • It does not allow viewing replies to deleted comments, if those have also been deleted.

The Limitations and Uncertainties of These Methods

It is important to emphasize that there is no guarantee of being able to see all the deleted content on Reddit using the methods presented in this article. Indeed, they depend on several factors, such as the availability of third-party tools, the presence of screenshots on the Wayback Machine, or even the exact URL of the concerned page. Moreover, these methods are not infallible and can sometimes present errors or gaps in retrieving deleted content.

Finally, it is essential to consider the evolution of Reddit’s policies and functionalities, which could make accessing deleted content more difficult in the future. The platform may decide to change its privacy rules, limit access to archives, or block certain third-party tools, thus making the methods presented here less effective or obsolete.

Viewing deleted Reddit posts and comments is not an easy task, and the available methods have limitations and uncertainties. Nonetheless, it is possible to attempt to access this content using third-party tools or the Wayback Machine, while keeping in mind that the success of these methods is not guaranteed and they could be affected by future developments of Reddit.

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