Tesla to sell solar panels at Home Depot Stores

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, solar panels are being manufactured so that they can harness the light from the sun and generate power. Likewise, Tesla will sell solar panels and powerwall batteries in 800 Home Depots across America. This is to promote solar generated devices with the hopes of consumers switching to these new devices.

The company will also offer demonstration so people can fully understand the product and its uses.

Another thing to note is that Solar roof is not yet part of the rollout, but might come at a later date. Tesla took pre-orders for this last summer, and it is estimated it will cost around $73,500, not to mention $10,000-$30,000 installation cost.

According to reports, Lowe’s was also in discussions to carry Tesla products much like Home Depot, but it has now reported that it has no plans right now.


Devesh Dalmia

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