WhatsApp Business – A new app by WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the social media messaging that has garnered a huge user base, has launched a separate app to help businesses, WhatsApp Businesses. The aim here is to connect people with the businesses more easily and conveniently. Businesses can register with a separate number and continue to use both the apps on the same device. It is free to download however it is only available in limited markets such as, US, UK, Italy, Mexico, and Indonesia. Worldwide support is coming soon in a few weeks.

The features that differentiate both the both the apps are that, WhatsApp Business has dedicated profiles for information such as contact, address, website, and description; quick replies and greetings; and analytics on how many messages were delivered, and read. Currently the app is only available to download on Android, but is compatible with the desktop web browser client. Businesses that confirm their number will receive a special badge on their profile.


Devesh Dalmia

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  1. February 9, 2018

    […] WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app commonly used amongst people all over the world. That is why the company is working on different features to keep with the competition as well attract new users. Just recently, WhatsApp had announced a separate version of their app, WhatsApp business, which you can read more about here – WhatsApp Business […]

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